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AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website 2020

AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website 2020

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If you are trying to get AdSense approval on lyrics website. But you did not get Adsense approval on your lyrics website. You are looking for the Lyrics website Adsense approval trick.

Lyrics website Adsense Approval trick

I know, You are facing a lot of rejection & problems after getting Adsense approval reply. But you are getting the same error after reply.

Don't worry, Belive me. After reading this article you'll able to get approval on your lyrics website without any problem. You just required to follow these steps.

My Smart Method to get Adsense Approval on Lyrics Website

Today, In this article I explained my experience. How I get Adsense approval on my lyrics website. And how you can get AdSense approval on your lyrics website. I shared my methods to get AdSense approval on lyrics website.

If you are thinking that, I'll share my lyrics website there for you then you are right. I'll also share my lyrics website. in which I got Adsense approval. You can follow or design the same website as my lyrics website to get AdSense approval.

If you reached here while reading this article. Then don't forget to read some FAQs about the Lyrics website. That may be very beneficial for you. It may help you to start a lyrics website.

First of All, I wanna say you something, If you are at the beginner level. And you don't know the basic steps to get AdSense approval on lyrics or any website. Then I'll recommend you first all you should read the following articles.

Because in these articles we explained everything to get Adsense approval on any website. Then you should come to this article for the approval on lyrics website.

First, you should implement the things that I told you in the following articles. I hope you'll understand. Go and read then back again on this article.

Beginner First Read These Articles.
1) AdSense Approval Trick 2020 (In-Depth)
3) Faster Adsense Approval Trick (Faster Way)

How I got AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website

If you already read these two articles. or You just come back again from AdSense Aprpoval Trick 2020 then well and Good. And you make sure that, You implement all things that I told in my Two previous articles. And now you want to get AdSense approval on lyrics website.

And You created the all mandatory pages navigations, Menu, etc. That I told you in previous articles. If your website is on Blogger then You Should use Palki 2 Theme. That I used in my lyrics website. Then you'll get AdSense approval then you can transfer your website from Blogger to Wordpress.

If Your website is already on Wordpress then. You should use Cream magazine Theme on your Wordpress website. Cream Magazine Theme is AdSense, SEO, and Movile Friendly for Wordpress. You can download these themes freely from any website.

My Lyrics Website in which I got AdSense Approval

Now, You'll ask me where is my lyrics website. My Lyrics website is hope you had already seen this in Google Search Engine. If You are using Blogger for your Lyrics website.

Then You Should visit my Lyrics website and implement the same things in your Blogger lyrics website that I implemented to get AdSense approval on your website. And you can also see that, How I wrote an article on my lyrics article. how I gave credits on my lyrics website.

How to write articles on Lyrics Website?

I also told you how you can write articles on the lyrics website. This part will be very useful to you. If you don't know then keep reading.

I know, You are writing the articles on your website like this, Just copy the lyrics of the song from any website then paste it into your website. And gave some song's credits. and put the lyrics into your articles and put an image and a song video into your lyrics article. Then it's completely wrong.

My smart method to writing an article a lyrics website

When you start posting the song lyrics articles on your website.
First of all, Choose a newly released song on which you are going to post on your website. 

Always try to write the song lyrics first of all that is released a few minutes or hours ago. It will help you to get more traffic to your lyrics article.

Now, You'll say that the lyrics of the song that your competitor wrote and the lyrics the you'll write will be the same. No, This is wrong thinking, Because if you'll write the lyrics of the same song. The song lyrics will be unique to the other. 

Because they may write the other spellings of the words (of the Lyrics). You maybe write the other or Unique spellings of the words (of the lyrics). I hope you'll understand.

Then You should never copy the lyrics from any other website. Don't worry, how much time takes to write a song's lyrics, Please dont copy the lyrics from another website. Write your own lyrics it can also boost your website ranking in Google Search Engine.

Dont forget to give the song credits into your lyrics article.
Now, turn of the song's credits. When you start giving the song credits like Singer, Music by, Edited by, Director, Writer, etc. You should create a Table in your lyrics article. Same as I created in my lyrics article. Check Here.

Now, Turn of images & videos. You can also put the same image and video into your lyrics article from YouTube. But I'll recommend that. You should make a youtube channel and make a video on song lyrics. Then you can use this video into your lyrics article. and You should also try to create your own images and use them in your lyrics article.

Write something about the song. Means write a small content of 150+ words about the song. You can write in the paragraph that what is happened in the song, etc. that was the method How I write an article on my lyrics website.

How many articles we should write to get Adsense approval?

If you want to as How many articles I wrote on my lyrics website to get AdSense approval then. The answer is 80+. I wrote almost 80+ song lyrics when I apply for Adsense approval. And I got AdSense Approval in my first try (Alhamdullilah).

I'll recommend you that, You should write almost 50+ songs lyrics. Then you should apply for Google AdSense Approval.

FAQs about Lyrics Website

1) Can we get AdSense Approval on the Lyrics website?

Ans) Yes, You can easily get AdSense Approval on your website easily. By following our smart method.

2) Is a lyrics website is legal?

Ans) Yes, It is completely legal the lyrics website.

3) Is the Lyrics website work permanently?

Ans) No, Because, in the future, Google AdSense could change their term & conditions or rules for the lyrics website. But you can continue your work it may be not changed.

You can change your Ad Network on your website. If the Google AdSense change in their Rules or Term & Conditions for the lyrics websites.

4) Should we copy the song lyrics?

Ans) No, You should not copy the lyrics. Write your own lyrics that can easily rank in Google.

5) How to rank lyrics article?

Ans) Write Your Own Lyrics, This is the smart method using this you can easily rank your website. 

6) Are backlinks important to rank your lyrics website?

Ans) No, Backlinks are not important to rank your lyrics website. But you can create Backlinks to rank faster on Google. but the backlinks should be Quality Backlinks.

That was the methods AdSense Approval on Lyrics Website that, I had used in my lyrics website to get AdSense Approval. I hope you liked it and please dont forget to share this article with your family & friends.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Free Fire New OB20 Update - What is in new update?

Free Fire New OB20 Update - What is in new update?

Free Fire New OB20 Update, What is in new update?

Free Fire New Update

If you are looking for How to download a free fire advance server or download a new advance server. That is completely wrong. If you really want to get a Garena Free Fire-new advance server. Then you should register officially on the Garena Free Fire website. Then Garena free fire may also select you to give you the advance server.

Don't visit spammed and fake websites to download the advance server. They may give you fake or h*cked version of Garena free fire game. Don't download the Garena free fire advance server from third party websites.

What is Garena Free Fire?

Free Fire is the ultimate survival shooter game available on mobile. Each 10-minute game places you on a remote island where you are pit against 49 other players, all seeking survival. Players freely choose their starting point with their parachute, and aim to stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Drive vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in trenches, or become invisible by proning under grass. Ambush, snipe, survive, there is only one goal: to survive and answer the call of duty.

Search for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot your enemies and become the last man standing. Along the way, go for legendary airdrops while avoiding airstrikes to gain that little edge against other players.

Fast and Lite gameplay - Within 10 minutes, a new survivor will emerge. Will you go beyond the call of duty and be the one under the shining lite?

Free Fire new Map

If you are a Garena Free Fire player. I hope you know the free fire's new update or a new event is coming soon. The new event name is T.R.A.P free fire update. Many Free Fire Players participated in this event. Now the all-new things were revealed in the Garena Free Fire Advance server. But many things are hidden.

Free fire OB20 Update

Today in this article. I'll tell you all new updates or changes in Garena free fire new OB20 that are coming soon in the new update. I hope you'll also share this article with your family and friends. 

I'll tell you all the changes new coming pets, characters, new maps, new places, etc. Stay Connected and read the entire article. Don't forget to share this article Free Fire new upcoming update with your friends. These are following some updates that are confirmed in Garena free fire OB20.

Don't forget to follow our website for more updates.

Free Fire OB20 Updates & changes

  • (6) NEW CHARACTERS (Stefie & New Killy)
  • (10) NEW THEME & LOBBY
  • (25) MORE TO COME

That changes are coming in Garena Free Fire in-Depth. That Garena Free Fire Recently leave.

New Features in OB20

  • Full map: Kalahari - The wait will be over soon!
  • Experience the new map in full after the update is
  • completed
  • New map: Training Grounds - Test out all weapons and
  • cool features before going into the game
  • New character: Steffie - A graffiti connoisseur who is
  • helpful in team fights
  • New equipments: Inhaler & Electric Surfboard - Heal
  • and move swiftly!
  • New advanced attachments: Armor-piercer for AWI
  • and Thermal Boost for Plasma Gun
  • New items in ranked mode: Double Ilag.Ice Gun
  • (airdrop only). BioScope for KAR98K, Ripper Bullet for VSS
  • and Rage Core for M14
  • Friend list - New l and you can block friend requests
  • Game party - Invite friends and join a party via

Improvements in OB20

  • AN94: + Fire Rate, + Range, + Recoil Recovery,
  • Damage, - Muzzle Attachment
  • XM8: + Damage.+ Rate of Fire,+ movement Speed
  • while Aiming - Magazine - Range - Accuracy
  • TDM Changes
  • All item presets provide armor and helmet
  • New weapons added into the selection pool
  • Added airdrop in the map - up to 10 airdrops in each
  • match
  • - Added new respawn points in cash play zone
  • Players can mute selected teammates in voice chat
  • Sprinting will no longer be affected by active skills
  • (eg: Alok's skill)

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Google AdSense Approval 2020 - Faster

Google AdSense Approval 2020, Google AdSense Approval trick 2020, How to get adsense approval in 1 minute

Google AdSense Approval 2020 

AdSense Approval 2020, If you are searching for how to get AdSense approval in 1 minute. it's completely wrong. Because Google AdSense does not give you any fixed time when they'll reply. Google takes its own time to give you AdSense Approval.

How to get AdSense Approval in 1 minute?

 It is almost impossible to get Google AdSense Approval only in 1 minute. If you are getting in one minute then you may be a magician, (Just Kidding). Still, I did not get any way to get AdSense Approval in 1 minute.

But here, I give you some tips to get AdSense Approval 2020. If you really have a trick on how to get AdSense approval only in 1 minute. Then please don't forget to leave in the comment section. I'll try to apply on my other websites to get AdSense approval

I already wrote an article on this topic AdSense Approval Trick 2020. You can also visit this article. But this article has been old. Now I wrote again article AdSense Approval 2020. Hope you'll like it. 

If you really enjoyed and liked this article. Then please don't forget to share this with your family and friends. So, they also able to get AdSense approval.

AdSense Approval Trick 2020?

If you got disapproval on your website again & again. Don't worry, it is not a problem. But You have to follow the steps or tips. That I told you below.

Believe me, If you'll read this entire post, Then I hope that you'll get approval in the next first attempt.

Basic Setting to get AdSense Approval 2020

If you're beginner, and you don't know what is the first step. Then I think, you should read our Detailed post on this topic AdSense Approval 2020.

Here, I shared some important steps and tips to get approval. But I wrote a full detailed article "AdSense Approval Trick 2020". You can also read this AdSense Approval in 2020. 

Here, I'll tell you not in-depth. But I think that things, I told you that may help you a lot to get approval. I'll tell you the basic settings to get AdSense Approval

If you want to read the FAQs about Google AdSense, Then you can read our second article on this topic. I explained the full procedure from a to z for approval. I wrote everything about Google AdSense in-depth.

AdSense Approval 2020

These are the basic steps that you should follow. Before applying for approval. Please don't skip any one single step. If you already applied these on your website.

Then make sure that you had followed all the steps. If you checked and you had followed but still. You didn't got approval, Then reapply and wait. In Sha Allah, you'll get the AdSense Approval.

The basic process to get AdSense Approval 2020

  • User Interface

You should use SEO, Google AdSense, Mobile, and Desktop Friendly Theme for your on your website. This one-step also attracts your user. And also Google things that your website is properly designed.

  • Content

How many articles you wrote on your website. I'll recommend you to write almost 20+ articles with having each one 1000+ words. You should write 10,000+ words Quality & Unique on your website entire website including your pages, posts, etc. 

Keep in your mind "Content is the King'. For SEO and for AdSense Approval.

  • Custom Domain Name (TLD)

I hope you already know that. Google Adsense is doing his term, privacy, policies, and conditions harder than harder. Nowadays to get Google AdSense Approval 2020 is becoming very hard. You may are be facing a lot of errors.

TLD stands for Top-Level Domains that inclueds .com .org .net .uk .pk .in .edu, etc. You can choose any one TLD domain.

  • Quality & Unique Content

Now, you'll ask what is Quality & Unique Content. Firstly, Unique content is can be defined as Your handwritten content on your website is called Unique Content. 

Never copy content from another website. It is almost impossible to get AdSense approval with copied content from other websites.

If you want free Quality & Unique content for your website and get AdSense approval. Then I thought you should read this post.

You may also read this:- How to get Free Quality & Unique Content

  • Navigations & Menu

While creating or designing your Website. Don't forget to create responsive and user-friendly Navigation & Menu

  • Mandatory Pages

I wrote Mandatory on this step Because Google (may) Disapprove your website. if you have not created About Us, Contact Us, Sitemap, Disclaimer, and privacy policy pages
I wrote also this on how to get mandatory pages for your blog. Then you can read this post.

You may also read this:- AdSense Approval Trick 2020

  • Pictures

If your used images in your blog are your self created images. Then you can skip this step. But If your all images are copied to Downloaded from Google without any rights. Then.

You should replace these images into your made images. Or you can use the copyrighted free images from these websites.
2) Pexels

  • Google AdSense policies

Now, You have done everything that I told you. Now, You should read Google AdSense Term & Policies before applying for Google Adsense. You may get any extra tips to get approval faster.

Make sure that Now, Your website follows Google AdSense's term and policies then you can apply without any fear of rejection.

  • How to Apply for Google AdSense 2020
Now, You did everyting. Now, Time to apply for Google AdSense Approval. You should follow some steps to Apply properly for Google AdSense.

While applying for Google AdSense Approval in 2020. You should enter your website's full address or you should copy your website address directly from Blogger or Wordpress using View Page Button.

You should use not use any had already used address in your (applying) Google AdSense account. Enter a unique address. You can also Enter your friends' or anyone's address.

I tried my best, to provide you the best way to get AdSense approval. Now, your turn please show your support.

I hope you really enjoyed Google AdSense Approval 2020. What were the steps that I had used in my previous websites to get Google AdSense Approval in 2020.

Don't forget to share this post with your family and friends. This may also helpful for them.

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How to Get Unique Articles for Google AdSense Approval

How to Get Unique articles for Google AdSense Approval

Get Unique articles for Google AdSense Approval, You have not got Google AdSense Approval on your website. Just because of your low quality of content. But you wrote the best articles as you could. 
Now, You got demotivated by Google AdSense. Now you are searching on Google how to get unique articles for google AdSense approval. But you don't have got any organic way to get quality content or articles for your website.

Now, Google is becoming hard day by day. They are updating their policies on a daily base. And the users are facing a lot of problems. Now we should write to many and unique articles on our website to get Google AdSense Approval. 
How to Get Unique Articles, Google AdSense Approval, Best way to get adsense approval
How to Get Unique Articles for Google AdSense Approval

When I just started my blogging journey. I faced too many problems. There were many people those not helped me. But there were many people that helped me. Then I decided to create my own website for teaching you. Then I created this website. 
There you'll get quality content and Tips and Tricks related to Blogging.  
I also wrote an article on the topic of how to increase website traffic.

Hi Everyone, My name is Muhammad Haseeb the website's owner. Today in this post. I am gonna show you how you can get quality content for google AdSense approval for free. You don't have to write your content. Using this my way you can easily get content with having 5000+ words. Stay connected and read this post until the end.

You may also read this:- Facebook Removing Information on CoronaVirus

If you'll skip any step. Then you'll not be able to use this method. Then, Please don't blame us for this. Read till the end,

Now, you can visit our website on a daily base. Learn something new about blogging, SEO, Google AdSense, etc. For this purpose, you can follow our website. Don't forget to read FAQs (Frequently asked questions) at the end. Let's start

Get Unique Content for Google AdSense Approval

As you know, Before 2020 the people are using an article spinner to get Unique content for their websites. But in 2020 Google become more strict than before. Now, this article spinner way does not for you. But using this method you can easily fulfill the content requirements for Google AdSense. Now Follow these steps to get Unique Content.

Get Unlimited Unique Content for your blog

  • Step 1
First of all, Select your topic on which you want to get a unique article. As I selected "What is Blogger". Then search it on YouTube with the English word. 
Means, If you desire topic is What is Blogger then, You need to Search on YouTube like this "What is Blogger in English". (It is only possible to get unique content. if the video has subtitles and has in English). 

When you'll search it on YouTube. There will be a lot of YouTube videos. Then you need the select the video that is in English and has captions or subtitles. Copy the link of selected YouTube video as shown in Image.
Get Unique Articles for blog
Get Unique Articles
  1. Step 2
Now come on Google, and search "YouTube Subtitle extractor". Then open a website that's name is Open this website. Don't open any other website. It may become the reason that this method does not work for you.

Get Unique Articles for Google AdSense Approval
Get Unique Articles for Google AdSense Approval
  • Step 3
Now, This kind of interface will show you as shown in the image below. Paste your copied URL from YouTube (That you recently had copied from YouTube for subtitle). Paste & then click on "Extract & Download" Button. 

Also Read:- AdSense Approval Trick 2020

Your Youtube video's subtitles will be converted into text form. Now scroll down and Download the "TXT" file by Click on "Download Now" Button. If you don't understand then please check the image shown below. It may understand you.

Note:- This TXT file does not like a pharaoh. it will be in sentences form. Follow next step to make this section form into the paragraph.
YouTube Subtitle Extractor
YouTube Subtitle Extractor

  • Step 4
Now go again on Google. And search "Textfixer remove line breaks". Then, open the first one website. Again don't visit any other website. or Follow Inscrtuction that is given in image.
  • Textfixer remove line breaks
  • Step 5
Now Past there, Paste your YouTube Subtitles. That you had downloaded from Savesubs website. Open the download file copy and then paste there in the empty box. Now Select 'Remove link breaks and paragraph breaks" and Now click on "Remove Line Breaks". Then you're article's become like a paragraph.

Now, Your desired article is ready. Now you can post it on your blogger or WordPress website. it will be guaranteed 100% unique. Now you can check plagiarism using this tool. That I had told you below.
How to use textfxer, Text Fixer, Get Unique Content for free
Get Unique Content for free

How to Check the plagiarism of a paragraph?

 I'll recommend this SmallSEOTool to check your article's uniqueness or plagiarism. I always used this tool for checking plagiarism. This tool also tells you, How much your article is unique and how much your article is copied

It will also tell you which sentences or paragraphs are copied. Then you can remove those sentences or paragraphs that are matching with copied content. Now don't go back without reading FAQs about Unique Content and Google AdSense. FAQs are always informative.

FAQs about Unique Content & AdSense

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Unique Content and Google AdSense.

1) Is it possible to get Google AdSense Approval on copied content in 2020?
Ans) Yes, It is possible. But there are limitations, Your content should be less than 30% copied remaining should be unique or common content. 

2) Is it possible to get Google AdSense Approval on Spined Content in 2020?
Ans) No, Now, in 2020. It is almost impossible to get Google AdSense Approval on spined content. You may be fac an error called involuntary content or unmeaningful content.

3) How many articles we write to get Google AdSense Approval?
Ans) You should write almost 20+ unique and each article have 1500+ words. Then, there are 99% chances to get Google AdSense Approval without facing any issue.

4) Can we really get approval using this method that you told us?
Ans) Yes, You can easily get Google AdSense Approval on your website using this method. It is a fully authentic and real method.

5) Can we also use this content for ranking on Google?
Ans) Yes, You can also use this unique content on your website to get ranking faster on Google Search Engine. Because it will be 100% unique and lengthy.
Google always give more importance to unique and lengthy content.

That was the method, that i had used in my past days to get Google AdSense approval on my other websites. That now had been revealed, You can also use this method to get Approval.

Always remember this sentence "Content is the King". If your content will be 100% unique and lengthy (Meaningful) then Google easily gives you approval. Your website will start ranking on Google Search Engine.