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Free Fire New Map Update - Kalahari Map - OB19 Update - New Update - Download Free fire Advance Server or

Free Fire New Map Update - Kalahari Map - OB19 Update - New Update - Download Free fire Advance Server or

Free Fire New Map Update - Kalahari Map - OB19 Update - New Update - Download Free fire Advance Server, Garena Free Fire is an Online Surviving Game, In This game, you will land on an Island (Bermuda or Phargetory or A map is coming soon) here on this island you will 50 players that will be land there, in this game only 50 play can play a game at a time, and if you want to win the game you need to kill other enemies then, you need to try to survive till end, the all other players are human beings, not bots, and they also okay like you are. Playing on the internet (Online), There are many modes, and many new events coming after one month, and free fire changes their Rank season.

 Now their 11th season is working, if you want to play game you can play this on Android Mobile, IOS mobile, and computer but Garena does not launch free fire officially on computer but you can play by using emulator, now this game is becoming popular day by day in Pakistan, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and in many other countries, and they have their own server in free fire, a Few Days ago a Free fire biggest Word Series Happened in Brazil, Many Countries Players join this and play and they win troupe,

Now in this article I will tell you a new map is coming soon in Garena Free fire Named "Kalahari" in this article I will explain to you when this map will come in Garena Free Fire Advance Server, and I will also give you many proofs of map-like pictures, and a new event is also coming with this map, also a new gun is coming in Garena Free fire in OB19 update.

Garena Free fire-new update named OB19, Now the Advance server of Garena free fire is live. you can see on my youtube channel if you want to see a new Kalahari map and a new theme in the free-fire then you can click on the Click Here button then you can see my latest video to check advance server.

I don't have the Official Download link of the Garena free fire advance server so I didn't provide you a fake link soon I will post there free fire advance OB19 server download link. Many websites are providing you fake Free Fire advance server download link or they are providing you fake free fire advance server apk link. please beware and serve safely.

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  • Note:- Now New Map only will available in Advanced Server 

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  • What is Free Fire New Map Name more info? 

Garena Free fire is now introducing new map in Game, New map name is "Kalahari" it is based on a desert theme, Kalahari is a desert name this desert is the biggest desert, Now 50% of the free-fire players will play this new map 

  • How to Download Free Fire OB19 Advance Server or Download Free Fire New Map Advance Server?

New Map Advance Server 
Now Free Fire not post their official Advance server App Remeber these many websites are providing you Advance server download links but they all are old links or fake, or they will hack your I'd beware when Advance server will be launched I will post it there with the link, Thanks and Regards 

  • When is the new map is coming?

Garena Free Fire is releasing their new map Kalahari Garena Post on their FB and Instagram that new map is coming on 23 November 2019 you can also visit the free fire social accounts

  • How many maps in Free Fire?

There are two full version maps in Garena Free Fire, First Name is Bermuda this is the first map of Garena free fire, after this map a new map was launched name Purgatory,  Now Garena becoming popular day-by-day and it is becoming more famous than PUBG because this game can run on mid-range mobile devices, that is why it is too popular on android mobiles, it is not officially launched for computer devices, it is only for android and ios devices, Now Free fire launching their new and new maps in their game, and Garena give many events to his player, and Garena has many servers all over the world, such as, Singapore, Indian, Brazilian, Taiwan, Malaysian and many other servers, but there is no sever in Pakistan of Garena free fire, Garena should Launch their server for Pakistan, because now GFree fire is also becoming popular in Pakistan, 

  • What new things will come with new map?

According to Garena Posts on Their Social media accounts, A New gun will become in free fire classic mode or in new mode, some chance to come new mode with new map as Garena do on their previous OB updates as they give us new mode with OB18 Update, New Kalahari Map will come in OB19 update, New event will come with a lot of free gifts, New bundle will with new map, new elite pass, with free head mask, and with an exclusive Rewards,

How to Join Free Fire Advance Server or How to register in Free Fire Advance Serve?

If you want to join Garena Free Fire-new map advance server then you can go to Google and Search "FREE FIRE ADVANCE SERVER" then there will be shown a Garena`s Official Advance Server website then you there on the site you can fill your information or login with Fb,Gmail then fill your other info there and click on register, if your luck maybe work, then Garena will select you for advance server and Garena send you a mail on your Gmail address there will be a link you can download Garena Free fire advance application for Android then enjoy free fire advance server and play new Kalahari Map, You will also get some free diamonds you can send this to buy new bundles and characters and many this Click Here to Register on Advance Server

Garena Free Fire new map images and Proofs 

Free Fire New Map Update - Kalahari Map - OB19 Update - New Update - Download Free fire Advance Server or
Free Fire New Map Update - Kalahari Map - OB19 Update - New Update - Download Free fire Advance Server or

Free fire OB19 update download link
Free fire OB19 update download link

how to download free fire new map advance server
how to download free fire new map advance server

ob19 update release date
ob19 update release date

  • Why not coming Garena Free Fire Advance Server?
Garena Free Fire new advance server is now coming on 27th November 2019 please wait for util, and first they said that advance server will come on 23th November but he didn't it, Now they are saying that new advance server will come on 27th of November 2019 and many events will come with this, and you can also complete your missions and get free emotes, you can get free fire emotes for free, you will have 12 hours on 1th December to complete your missions and get free emote, and get free royal vouchers, get free diamonds royal vouchers, get free weapon royal voucher and get free weapons skins, The free fire YouTubers and Players are very excited for new Kalahari map in Free fire, they are also waiting for the advance server and for OB19 update, if you want to get more execting event's information daily then you a visit our website, we will provide you all kind of information about tech and gaming,

Last Lines
I hope now you believe that new map is coming soon in free fire and it will officially launch in Free Fire Advance Server, in 23th Movement 2019, Beware from fake links, and fake website that is providing you fake or hacked version of Advance server App of free fire, free fire will not launch their advanced server till 23th November stay waiting, and I hope you like my article please leave your lovely feelings in comment section, I will read and reply you, if you have any suggestions or any question then please comment there, And Hope you share this article with your friends, and inform.them that new map coming soon in free fire, Enjoy, Allah Hafiz, Goodby, Take Care