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How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger

How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger, Did you know that there are Robots? If you don't know that your website is crawled by Google and Crawlers always crawl your website by your robot header tag, if you have not setup your Robots header tags then your website will not show in Google and, will show any errors, Crawlers or bots always communicate with your website via Robots Header Tags, You can communicate with bots or crawlers via Robots Header tags to increase and decrease your website visibility, that is exactly what are you going to read in this post, today in this post all things about this Robots Header tags, what is Robots Header Tags, Full Header tags explanation, The Crawlers are responsible for visibility of your website in Google Search Engine, Today in this article, I will tell you how you can Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger.

How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger
How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger

I know you are a blogger and you were looking for this article that how you will set up your robots header tag in your blogger website, here, I write an article for you for this, Robots Header tags play a very important role in the visibility of your website in Google Search Engine.

So, I recommend you follow this guide article to enabling your Robots Header text on your blogger website to visible your blog on the first page or on the top 10 pages in the search result of Google Search Engine. (i.e especially for new bloggers whose started their blogging career Now) I already write many articles on Blogging Topic you can go and also read them, I am sure that they all article will also very helpful for you,

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Robots Header Tags? and its purposes?

In the blogger's Robot Header Tags you will show these following ten custom robots header tags. and maybe other website builders have their own robots header tags, you can easily research about it, you can also visit our website's home page or search page to collect more information about this. You can choose manually your crawlers' indexing from blogger using this setting, that things you will tell to crawlers crawler do that thing.

1. all – If you will tick these tags then, crawlers or bots are not bound by any constraints. They can freely crawl your website's pages, posts, and content, and they will able to index and expose your content.

2. noindex – If you will tick on your log may be public. Even you have not shared your BLOG URL link, people may visit or check your website from the search result, if you want this then you can tick this tag, and use this feature of Google Crawlers..

3. nofollow – Dofollow and Nofollow tags are for no bound links. Dofollow is the default robot tag by Blogger settings for all your no bound links as well as links, your posts, your pages, and your content. This means that search engines can sneak into pages you've linked to. If you do not want search bots and crawlers to see your links, adding a NoFollow tag will help you.

4. none – none is the combination of NoFollow and Noindex. I will not tell you again about noindex and no-follow because I already told you that above. The crawlers will neither index your pages, your links, your posts, and your content nor skim through the links.

5. noarchive – You may have noticed a cached label on most SERPs with website links. This indicates that Google has grabbed a copy of your site in the server display if it comes down. That being said, Noarchive tags off the cached version of the search pages.

6. nosnippet – Snippets of text in search results help people discover what's on the web page. If you want to make the content special, you can turn on the header tag.

7. noodp – An open directory is a man-made directory of project or Domus websites. Google sometimes uses information from there. If you want, you can block it with this tag.
8. notranslate – Do you want to disable the translation of your content and pages on your site? Then do not use a transliterate for the same purpose. If you turn it on then no bots or crawlers will translate your blog into another language

9. noimageindex – If you allow Google to list your photos, people can steal it and use it on their website. To avoid this, you can make the images stand out using the noimageindex tag. Also, read this image SEO guide.

10. unavailable_after – In the Blogger, you'll find a straight field for this tag. So, after this page, the web page will be considered as clear.

Now, let's go to our real purpose of this post, there I explained a to z about all tags of Robots Header now lets meats our real purpose of the article, 

How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on

Let's start guys with the name of Allah, Bismillah Ar Rehman Nera Heem, as you know today in this article we are talking about how we can set up our custom robots header text on our blogger website, to set up this you need to follow given below steps to proceed to this.

Step No.1 Go to and login to your account, and choose one of the blog which you want to modify the Custom Robots Header tags, then follow the next step.

Step No.2 After choosing your blog you will see a menu, you need to click on "Settings" Then Click on "Search Preference" (Settings>Search Preference) then you will see here a settings called Crawls and Indexing under this you will see the Custom Robots Header tags, after, you need to click on Edit button on the right side of Custom Robots Header tags as shown in picture,
How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger
How to Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger

Step No.3: After this, you will show a message "Enable custom robots header tags?  Yes  No" you need to click on Yes then you will show all tags of Custom Robots Header. then you need to fill these.
Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger
Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger

Step No.4: After click on yes you need to choose your tags, which you want to tick you can tick as you wish but generally, I will tell you tags setup you need to do this set up in your blogger settings. All bloggers use this setting. In the first Homepage: Section you need to choose all and noodp, in second Archive and Search Pages: Section you need to choose noindex and noodp and in the third Default for Posts and Pages you need to choos all and noodp here your setting is done now you need to click on Save Changes here that is it of r today guys, If you have any doubt then you can comment.

Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger
Setup Custom Robots Header Tags on Blogger

  • Extra Tip:- Why it is Important?

Believe me Custom Robots Header Tags is very important settings in your blogger website, this is the best SEO settings that is provided by Google, crawlers and search bots always detect your site data using this, you can communicate with Google Search Bots with this, you can tell them that what should they show about your website in Search Engine. I hope you guys like my article and share with your friends, as they also will able to set up their custom robots header tags in their blogger website, if you are not a cheap person then I hope you will share this article, and leave your lovely comment in the comment section. Take care, Goodby Allah Hafiz, Allah Almighty Give you more success in your life. Remember that "Never Give up"

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