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Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020

Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020

Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, I know you just started your new blog to generate revenue from Google AdSense. You wrote a lot of unique articles, and you got Google AdSense Approval on your blog. Now you want to start generating revenue with Google AdSense, to start earning via AdSense. But you are facing some troubles and difficulties. Now you daily write an article.

But you do not getting a better response on your article, So don't worry about it. Today in this article I shall tell you some Tricks to increase your website traffic in 2020. I told you some tricks that I had used in my past days to gain more traffic on my website. We have done a lot of experiments to increase my website traffic.

Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020

I got the best results. Now I shall tell you the results of my experiments. How I have done the experiments, and how I got the best result. so, keep in mind that, All things that I told you in this article are experimental.

I already wrote an article on this topic, "How to increase website traffic". But then, I was new to this field. But now, Alhamdulillah, I am an experienced person in this field. Then I started writing this article. Writing this article took a long time.

Hi. Everyone My Name is Muhammad Haseeb. Today in this article, I shall tell you some tricks to get more traffic on your website. Read the entire article, Hope you could get the best results after reading this article. Let's start the game.

Ways to increase traffic on your website

  • Get Website Traffic by Quality Content

1) Website Theme

If you really want to get more traffic on your website, then you should optimize your website. and tray to do proper website SEO. Don't leave any important SEO Factor. You should use a light theme, that is AdSense Friendly and SEO Friendly.

Don't use Additional CSS for more design. It may cause of increasing your website weight (size). Try to top make categories (Menu) up to four, for example, if your website is a tech website then you can make Categories, Computer Science, Mobile, Tips and Tricks, Latest technology, etc.

Some time categories of a website may be ranked in Google. It may become a source of a lot of traffic for your website. If your category is ranked on Google, Means you will get Traffic on your posts that are in your Ranked Category.

2) Website Design

Website Design may decrease your website bounce rate, Your website's design may attract your website user and, Then the user will try to read the content of your website. It can decrease your website's bounce rate. If your website bounce rate is decreasing. It means your website ranking is increasing.

Because Google takes on the top website which's bounce rate is low. Because Google thinks that. This website is providing Quality content and Google should rank this article. Then Google Crawlers crawl your website content and you get ranked on top pages.

You should use a professional looking Favicon on your website, Because Now, Google started to show favicon on Search Engine. It a little bit attracts the user to your website.

Don't use many ads on your website's homepage. Its called Ads stuffing. It may disturb your user to explore your website. Use only 1-2 Ads on your website's homepage.

Use Popular Posts and Categories Gadgets on the homepage. Don't forget to use Attractive and professional looking Logo.

3) Website Speed

Your Website's speed plays a vital role in SEO. Because Google has clearly mentioned in his Term & Condition of Google Search Console that "Website's speed is a vital part of SEO (Rank Factor)". Then you should focus on your website's speed.

Your website's speed should be less than 2-3 seconds. And your website's speed should be 90%+. I shall recommend you a tool that you can use to check your website's speed, percentage speed and, You can check "How many seconds takes your website to load itself".

GTMatrex is one of the best tool that is used to analyze your website speed and performance. Using high-quality tools. You can use it can check your website speed and performance.

4) Quality Content

There is another way to increase your website. This is the basic rule to get traffic. First of all, I wanna say something. For SEO, Ranking, or Traffic, etc. "Content is the King". If the content on your website is quality content. Then it is impossible that you are not get ranking or you have been not getting traffic. Because, If you write quality content and Wailuty Posts. on your website then Google takes your post at the top pages.

You should Posts your article constantly, Don't do Publish your posts at random time. Fix your time and post your article at a constant time. For example. If you published your recent post at 2PM yesterday. Then you should also today post your article at 2PM.

  • Increase Website Traffic by On-Page SEO
  • How to do On-Page SEO of the post?

1) On-Page SEO of Posts

Always, When you start writing your website posts. Don't forget to do an on-page SEO of your post. There are some tips/things. That you should keep in your mind while doing your On-Page SEO. These things play a vital role in On-Page SEO. If you already know this that "How to Do On-Page SEO of Post". Then you can skip this step. Otherwise, read complete till the end.

2) Keyword Research & LSI Keywords

Fist of all before writing an article, You should do proper keyword research. You should Find Low competition keyword for your desired keyword. Then try to find Long-Tail keywords and LSI Kwyrod. For More Ranking. For Example. My Desire keyword is to Increase website traffic. Then My Long-Tail Keyword is How to increase website traffic or increase your website traffic in 2020. Then My LSI Keyword should be Get Free Traffic or Free Traffic generator

3) How to Write the Title of Article

While writing the title of your website. You should write the same keyword in the title that is used in the domain name for one time.

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

While writing the title of your article, You should write the same keyword that, You are trying to targetting. This means you need to enter the same keyword in your title for one time.

During writing the title of your article, You need to enter less than 5-8 words. And the title size should be less than 500 Pixels. Here you can see your title pixels. To the Web

4) Use of H1, H2, H3, etc.

While doing, On-Page SEO of the post. The usage of H1, H2, H3, etc. Is the basic rule of On-Page SEO. Always use In Wordpress you will get an option to use H1, H2, H3, etc. But in Blogger you will get some options that mean like, Heading means H2, Subheading Means H3, and Minor Heading means H4.
4) Use of H1, H2, H3, etc.

In blogger, you will not get the option of H1. But you can write it manually by HTML. You can change h2 into H1. Hope you understood.

While Writing you should, Use Your Title or Targeted keyword in your H1 and Use write LSI Keywords in your Subheading or H2. And write other keywords related to your targeted word in Minor Heading or H3.  Like this, you should use your all targeted keywords in H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.

5) Proper Usage Of Images

Now, I shall tell you. How you should use Images in Your post. Rank your image on top of Google Images is very easy. And you can easily Rank your Images on Google. and I can give you a guarantee. If you will use at least 4 images on your website. Then In Sha Allah, You will get 30% of the Traffic via Images.

Because If anyone searches about his desire keyword. Then your image will be shown in Google Recommend or in Google Image. Then He will click on Image or on Image Description then he will redirect on your website. And you will get Traffic. But there are some limitations and rules to use your images properly. Here I shall tell you

Before Uploading your image in your post. Make sure that your image format is JPEG or PNG. Because this format uses less size.

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

Compress your Image, Before importing in post. Because if your image size is large, That means your website's speed goes low. I shall recommend you to use TinyPNG tool to decrease your image size. I also still using this same tool. It will compress your image size up to 80%

Don't forget to enter the Caption in your image. and also remember to put Title Text and ALT Text (Try to enter Keywords in this section) in Your image. You can enter these by clicking on the properties option of image.

6) Permalink

You should create your permalink the same as your Targeted word or the same word. you should use that you had used in your Title. Your Permalink size should be less than 60 words. In Wordpress, you can easily create a link of fewer than 60 words. but in Blogger, Also show your post Publish date (MM/DD/YY). and then show your desire created permalink. For Example in, Blogger you will show like this https://www.techypakistan.com/2020/01/Increase-Website-Traffic.html but in Wordpress same, this link will show as https://techypakistan.com/Increase-Website-Traffic

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

You can easily check the difference between both links. Blogger URL has 67 characters. but on the other hand, you can see the WordPress URL that has only 50 Characters. (That's a great job). With having the same permalink

7) Meta Description

Meta Description is very important Because google checks what is on your website, or What is in your post. It also tells the user. What is in your post. And You should write the first sentence the same as in Title (Targeted Keyword).

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

8) External & Internal Links

By reading the name External Links, I hope you know the meaning of External Links. But you have some confusion about it. Then I will solve it for you. There are two types of links on your website that, are external and internal links.

External links are the links with anchor text or image. That will redirect you or your user to another website or page. But these are also very important in on-page SEO.

Because Google will think that. This website is referring to the bigger site. That means it is also a big website. And Google Should rank this website at the top pages. Thus, Google will do this.

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

You should use the external links website with high Da and Pa and low spam score.

On the other hand, Internal Links are the links with anchor text or image. But the Internal Links will redirect you or your user to another post or page of your website. That means it increases the traffic of your other pages and posts. And will decrease your bounce rate.

9) Use Share Button

As you can see at the end of this article. There are some share buttons. By pressing on these buttons you can easily share my article on Social media like Facebook Linkedin, Twitter, Watsapp, etc. In your every post these buttons must be there.

Because some users will want to share your article with his friends. But if you don't have these buttons, there will be a native impact on your user. Because the user needs to copy the URL from the search bar. Then he will left.

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

You can set these share buttons permanently and in your every post-default. By Installing some tools on your website or plugins.

10) Use Tweet Now Button

You can use direct Tweet Button in your every article with an attractive anchor text. It may cause of increasing traffic on your website easily. Without doing anything

11) Organize Giveaway

You should organize a giveaway on your website. Then the user will come back on your website. To check the giveaway winners. Then it may become a cause to increase traffic on your website. And you can organize the giveaways of Domains, Hosting, etc.

12) Write Last Words

Don't forget, to write the last words or conclusion at the end of every single post. And in the last word. you should thank your user, that is going back from your website. Which can have a positive impact on the user

Also, say to the user to share your article with his friends and family.

13) Keywords Density

Keyword density means how many times your keyword is repeated in the whole article. your keyword density always should be less than 1-3%. don't increase your keywords density up to 3%. Always use your targeted keyword for 1-2 times in your every paragraph.

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

It also plays a very important role in on-page SEO. If you will put the targeted keyword everywhere in the paragraph it may be called keyword stuffing. That is not useful for SEO. You can check your keyword density by using the PrePostSEO tool.

14) Overuse of Ads

Don't overuse ads on your website homepage or in your every single post. because it may become the cause of the slow speed of your website. if your website speed is slow that means your rank is decreasing day by day.

Because Google clearly mentioned in the term and conditions of Google search console, If a website has a higher speed and a website has a slow speed, Then Google will choose the website with high speed to rank.

  • Increase Website Traffic by Off-Page SEO

  • How to do website Off-Page SEO

1) Backlinks

After writing Quality Content, You have not got Traffic on your website. That means your website needs an initial boost. Boost will get via backlinks. Backlinks tell to the Google that your website is providing Quality Content (for your understanding). But your Backlink Should be Quality Backlinks. That is taken from the high Da and Pa website, and a 0% spammed website. There are two types of Backlinks:-

1) Do-Follow Backlinks
Do-Follow backlinks that any website is referring you with a proper anchor text. There are also a lot of types of Do-Follow backlinks. But I shall discuss other types of backlinks in any other article. Do-Follow backlinks should be created by Guest Posting (You can also read more about it below). You should make at least 5 Do-Follow Backlinks in a day for your article. These are too much to rank your article on top pages.

2) No-Follow Backlinks
Np-Follow Backlinks are also known as commenting Backlinks. It can be easily created by doing comments on other websites. with your website link. Some websites comments section also have a box for commentator website link you can enter and do comment this will be called no-follow or comment backlink. But some websites allow you to do comment with HTML coding (But they do not provide you the website box).

Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

You can enter your href coding with your website and anchor text, for example, this is a Href coding with the anchor text "Techy Pakistan". This will be like this <a href="https://www.techypakistan.com/">Techy Pakistan</a> in the form of HTML. And you need to use this HTML coding with your comment and do comment this will also be called Nofollow or comment backlink. (Remember Change Anchor text and replace your website Link in this coding before using).

3) Social Sharing

As you know, Social sharing is also a source to increase your website traffic. You should give an initial boost to your website to start getting traffic. you can share your website on different social media and can promote your website easily and freely.

4) Guest Posts

Guest posting is a source of traffic for your website. It will also make backlinks for your website (Do-Follow). You should write Quality Guest post (That is acceptable) for a website, and submit to the website. And also take credit from the website. and say to them that they need to take reference or backlink from their website into your direction. In the future, we could update the Guest posting website list. If you want then comment below.

5) Search Engine Submission

First of All, You already know that, After creating your website and got google AdSense approval. You should submit your website into different search engines, like Google Search Console, Bing webmaster tool, Yahoo webmaster tool, Baidu, etc. 

Comment below if you want the list webmaster tools of different search engines all over the world. Submission in Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tool and Yandex webmaster Tool (Yahoo) are mandatory to get traffic. I already wrote an article How you can submit your website in Google Search Console then you can click here, 1) Website Submission 2) Sitemap submission.

6) Document Promotion

Now you will say, What you meant by Document Promotion. It means when you create an image or a text document, Then don't forget to write credit. Like you should write at any corner in the image "Image Taken by Techy Pakistan (Your Website Name)". or you can write in a text document, "Text is written by Techy Pakstan (Your website name)". Hope you understood. as you can see below
Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Tricks to Increase your Website Traffic in 2020, Free website traffic generator

7) Traffic via Videos

You can create videos related to your website. and write your website name and give a website link in the description of the video, Then you can upload your website on YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. There are many platforms that you can use to promote your videos.

8) Answer the Questions (on Quora)

Quora is now growing day by day. Quora is an answer and Question website. Where you can find your questions answers or you can post any question. You can answer the Quora Question with your article that is matching with your Answer or Question. Don't do spam, then Quora may block your Quora Account and delete your all answers. Write the answers with 50+ words, then the answers will be approved easily.

You can try the whole process, I hope that you will get the best result than me. and friends you should do experiments to learn more. Please share this article with your friends, If you think that it is an informative article and anyone can learn a lot of things by this then you can share. Goodbye, Take Care. Allah may you more success in your life.

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